За eMind

about eMind


eMind LTD is a company created by established specialists that specializes in the field of WEB and mobile communications. The main areas of activity of eMind are designing, creating and support of interactive applications for routing and processing of short text messages, web development, wap, and E-commerce solutions, as well as providing technological consultation and training.

Out clients are companies which need professional and complex web and mobile solutions, with which to manage money flows, integrate new communication channels and simplify their business operations.

The team at eMind provides to its clients and partners complex web and mobile solutions, in which hi-technologies and proven methodological approaches are implemented to guarantee the creation of cost-effective products and services that increase the competitiveness and productivity of the client-companies.

Our advantages

  • Web and mobile services provider

    Whether you need a website, complex system or developing different modules, in conjunction with the newest technologies and tendencies, we have the experience to fulfill and surpass your expectations.

  • Working standards

    At eMind we maintain work standards, that guarantee the excellent quality of or products and services during the whole working cycle with a given client – from the moment of identifying the requirements and the creation of the specification, through the architecture, design and programming, to testing, support and recognition of the product or service.

  • Experience and expert knowledge

    The over 10-year experience in designing and building web and mobile systems of the eMind team is a guarantee for making the right, adequate and consistent with the clients' solution choices.

Mission and values

The values which comprise the core of our corporate culture, stem from the understanding, that out success is connected to the success of out clients. Our main business principles are :

  • Understanding the needs of the client

    We carefully research all the possible technological solutions for the realization of the ideas and goals of our clients , with which we give the client the opportunity to take information based and cost-effective business choices.

  • Partnership

    Main priority of the team at eMind is not only to provide hi-tech and reliable solutions, but also laying the groundwork for a long-term partnership with the clients, based on trust and professionalism.

  • Quality Commitment

    By keeping competitive prices, eMind never compromises with the quality of the offred web and mobile solutions. A specialized department for “QOS” monitors the activity on the project through each of the development phases, with which the risks of disruptions in the normal work-flow of the product is minimized.

  • Team

    The experience of the employees of eMind with different technological platforms gives us the opportunity to offer integrated, reliable solutions at the optimal for the high quality price, for the full production cycle – from business planing and analysis to realization and support of the project.

  • Quality of the working process

    eMind adopts proven methodological approaches in development of every project, depending on the scale and complexity. The applied, from out team, working standards guarantee extraordinary results and allow us to maintain a balanced relationship between prices, quality and deadlines.

  • Communication

    We understand, that effective communication is of vital importance for the success of every project. That’s why in our everyday work we try to create an optimal production environment, providing the needed information for business decision making.

  • Giving business value

    Giving true value to the business of our clients through offering of functional technological solutions is a top priority of the eMind specialists. We constantly strive to maximize quality of the services, to develop new technologies, engineering practices, management standards for work-flow, with which to satisfy the needs of the clients, who trusted eMind.