Web applications/Web Application Development

The professionals at eMind work in the field of custom software development since 1999. Our team of experts has participated in the development of several web application projects. We have experience in the development of modern systems with complex business logic, dealing with a large volume of traffic and transactions.

Design and develpment of web applications

eMind designs and develops applications, in consideration with the specific requirements of each client, which skillfully combine hi-tech with the unlimited resources of the Internet.

Migration of software applications

Out services include moving and installing existing web solutions and databases on new technological platforms.

New business logic

We offer re-engineering of existing systems, with the purpose of further developing the current functionality and their technical architecture and introducing new business logic to increase the productivity of the web applications of our clients.

Software audit

The experts at eMind, perform an independent software audit and web application tests, including testing of functionality and usability, in adherence with international standards for development, security and reliability.


Our services in the field of support and technical help have the purpose of securing the stable and uninterrupted work of your business systems. The services include analysis for potential problems and intrusion risks as well as undertaking adequate measures for the removal of identified problems.